Your Own Bespoke Mannequin

£165.00 - £190.00 From £165.00 £165.00

If you have fabric that you would like me to use to tailor a mannequin with, please order her here.

Please contact me first to discuss the fabric type/suitability, however, generally speaking, for a small patterned, medium weight cotton/linen fabric I would need 1.25metres of 140cm wide fabric.

Larger quantities are required for larger and or symmetrical patterns where matching up is required.

Lightweight cottons are not suitable.

See DELIVERY PAGE for worldwide shipping costs. Ships from the United Kingdom.

Stand options:


Styling your mannequin...

The images below are taken from our Instagram gallery and give a flavour of how versatile your mannequin can be both in a domestic and professional environment. Expertly made to enhance any setting they are used in.