Amelia 3-4 Year Old Child Mannequin


Beautiful Amelia! This cute 3-4 year old mannequin is tailored in a very pretty pale blue fabric with polka dots and clusters of pink roses and green foliage. Do remember that you can choose any of the adult fabrics for your child mannequin.

She measures chest 23” waist 21” hips 25” ~ height 35” to 42”

Only available in a beech stand but you can choose the back finish - either corset & laced or flat backed.

Your mannequin will be made to order so please expect to wait up to 28 days for delivery, longer if international.

See DELIVERY PAGE for worldwide shipping costs. Ships from the United Kingdom.


Styling your mannequin...

The images below are taken from our Instagram gallery and give a flavour of how versatile your mannequin can be both in a domestic and professional environment. Expertly made to enhance any setting they are used in.