Materials & sizes



All materials used, where possible, are sourced from within the UK. With the exception of the mannequin body, all materials used are natural products.

Fabric - I only use quality fabrics and materials to create our mannequins! The fabrics we choose are both stylish and decorative. Some have been chosen to stand out whilst others to create a soft canvas for clothing.

If you have a specific fabric in mind, please do contact me for suitability and a quote. Fabric placing my vary slightly from the photos. If you require fabric samples, please do ask. If I have them in stock I am more than happy to supply them.

Body - The mannequin body is made from a tough, dense moulded polymer. Wasp waisted made from a hardened foam.

Bases & Tops - The top & base are made from a solid beech and come if four finishes - plain beech, black, white or cream. You can colour the unpainted bases with a quality paint after a good sanding down.

Other - I only use the best quality threads so you can be sure that your mannequin will look stunning for many years to come.


All my mannequins are tailored by me. Each mannequin takes considerable time, with many fittings before she is ready for fastening up at the back with my own design, the corset lacing or hand finished flat back. All seams are top stitched giving a neat, tidy and strong finish.

From September 2008, all tailored Corset Laced Mannequins will have my label on them. The label is both discreet and tasteful and will be stitched onto the rear of the mannequin (please excuse the pun!). Seamless mannequins have a small label sewn into the side seam.

Corset Laced or Hand Stitched - The backs of the mannequins can be finished with my corset & laced method or simply hand stitched creating a flat back. Some fabrics are not suitable for hand stitching and the option is not given on these mannequins.


All mannequins are height adjustable and longer poles are available if you need a taller mannequin. I can accommodate other sizes but these are not standard so please do email if you have other size requirements and I may be able to help.
Approximate measurements are as follows:


8/10 - 33.5" (85cm) bust, 22" (56cm) waist & 33" (84cm) hips ~ shoulder height 54"-57"

10/12 - 36" (91cm) bust, 24" (61cm) waist & 36" (91cm) hips ~ shoulder height 54"-57"

Wasp waisted - 35" (89cm) bust, 21" (53cm) waist & 39" (99cm) hips ~ shoulder height 54"-57"


one size - chest 38" waist 33.5" hips 40" ~ shoulder height 56" to 60"


age 0/6 mth - chest 18" waist 17" hips 19" ~ height 22" to 27"
age 3/4 - chest 23" waist 21" hips 25" ~ height 35" to 42"
age 6/8 - chest 26" waist 22" hips 26" ~ height 36" to 43"
age 10/12 - chest 30 waist 26" hips 32" ~ height 44" to 57"